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Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder


Uncovering the Mystery of MPD

by James G. Friesen Ph.D.

By the time he completed his doctoral studies, Jim had heard of Multiple Personality Disorder in only one class, Intro to Psych, in 1967. It was then considered a "rare and freakish" condition, which he would probably never encounter. Fast forward to 1988.

After assuring a client that she could not possibly have MPD, though she thought she might, Jim discovered not only that she was right, but also that he was treating others with that diagnosis. Thus began his quest for answers. Working together with the Shepherd's House team, he became a spokesperson about the spiritual and psychological lessons they were learning. He shortly began to write Uncovering the Mystery of MPD, first released in 1991, which soon became a best-seller. With more than 50,000 copies in print, this book sheds light on treatment for this widely misunderstood condition. Since its release he has unexpectedly received more than 100 invitations to speak, not only around the United States and Canada, but as far away as Beijing, Australia and South Africa. Among his first lessons about helping these clients, was that they profit from reading about their condition. But he found that the only materials were written for therapists. This led Jim to fill the empty space on the bookshelf, the one reserved for clients who would like to read more about their condition. Since it is intended both for therapists and clients, it introduces simple language and easy-to-read treatment ideas, and it has become an established treatment resource.

Perhaps the book reads easily enough, but it covers material that is certainly not easy to read about. Survivors of Spiritual Warfare and Satanic Ritual Abuse have suffered horrifically. Their stories and their treatment are woven through this book's pages. Living lives under cover and hiding the truth about what they have been through, it is uncommon for them to find the kind of help described here. When counselors are trustworthy and caring, never giving up their quest for learning and when they can see the spiritual and the psychological contributions to survivors' suffering, they will find survivors who are ready to receive their help. This book prepares counselors who are called to help survivors, and who are eager to learn how.

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  • “An excellent book on a major frontier for both religion and psychiatry.”

    M. Scott Peck, M.D.
    Psychiatrist, and author of The Road Less Traveled
  • “Jim Friesen's account is not easy to read, but it is becoming all too familiar. This book not only provides encouragement for the lonely and isolated victims of satanic ritual abuse but it is also vitally instructive for counselors who work with dissociative states and multiple personality disorder." ”

    Dr. Walter Linn
    Director, Genesis Counseling Services 

  • “I have great respect for the truths Jim has discovered. He has contributed immensely to our understanding of the multiple personality syndrome. Clearly we have more to learn, and now understanding about things once considered the exclusive prerogative of professionals is being given to the people of God as the people of God. I am delighted, therefore, that this book will be available to the public. It goes with my own prayers that Christ will triumph as the powers of evil are exposed and put to flight.”

    Dr. John White
    Professor of Psychiatry

  • Dr. Friesen has described one of the least understood yet most destructive sources of emotional terror and anguish that can occur for humans. His presentation is clear and persuasive without drawing on sensationalism. The interested reader will gain a significant understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of MPD and will more easily recognize the place for spiritual intervention." 

    Dr. Grant Martin
    Author and psychologist 

  • “Jim Friesen's clinical expertise and spiritual maturity put him at the forefront of those therapists working with MPD. This book will educate, amaze and inspire you!”

    Dr. Sandra Wilson
    Author and family therapist 

Dr. James G. Friesen

A licensed Psychologist and Minister of the Gospel since 1981, Jim has been steadily working to integrate Psychology and Theology, as an author, a speaker, and as a Christian Psychologist. He has never been satisfied with pat answers. Always seeking deeper understanding, he is doing amazing work as a therapist, and he writes and speaks about the life-giving lessons he has been learning. Read his three ground-breaking books, and listen to him in a seminar setting. Jim has a lot to share.

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