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The Sermon on the Mount, in Jesus, Clear and Simple



Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder


In Times of Struggle

By James G Friesen, PhD
A Comprehensive Framework for Jesus’ Teachings,
Presented by a Christian Psychologist

What is Christian about counseling? That far-reaching question is exactly what prompted Dr. Friesen to deepen his study of The Sermon on the Mount. “Is what I do consistent with what Jesus said? This must direct my counseling or it does not qualify as ‘Christian.’” He has been seriously engaged in the study of Psychology and Theology since 1974, beginning as a student at the Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology.

Having specialized in the teachings of Jesus since 1981, the present book presents a fitting summary of Dr. Friesen’s work, bringing all of Jesus’ teachings together with what he has learned as a Christian Psychologist. Jesus’ teachings are all about Him being with us in times of struggle. This book captures that truth in each chapter.

Coming from more than twenty years in Bible Study groups, Jesus, Clear and Simple: In Times of Struggle includes Life Group discussion guides for each chapter. That is where Jesus’ teachings come to life - when two or three or more are gathered together to learn from the Master.

Dr. Friesen’s work leaped into prominence in 1991, with the release of Uncovering the Mystery of Multiple Personality Disorder. Featured in more than 120 conferences about trauma recovery, Jim finds common ground with those devoted to integrating Psychology and Theology. He was the lead author of Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, now in ten languages, which provides inspiration and hope in many cultures. Jim’s work continues as a licensed psychologist in Southern California.

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  • “Rarely is the life-transforming power of the clear and simple teaching of Jesus in the Gospels actually made clear and simple in a way that truly transforms lives as Jesus intended. Skillfully designed by a biblical theologian and professional counselor for use by small groups, it is equally effective for anyone who is a faith-walking partner of someone who needs authentic light and realistic hope in the darkness of deep struggles. This book works!”

    Dr. Richard Kriegbaum
    President, Fresno Pacific University
    Fresno, California
  • “Over 30 years of pondering and practicing The Sermon on the Mount in the presence of real life and suffering, have been distilled into Jesus, Clear and Simple. Maturing, healing, and transforming into the character of Christ has its spectacular moments, but few people realize more clearly than Dr. Friesen that the depth of transformation we all desire emerges from struggle. A community of joy, prayer, and Bible study develops as we realize the Kingdom of God is not somewhere in the future, but here now. Gather a group together and use the study guide in this book to have a new look at your life.”

    E. James Wilder, Ph.D.
    author, speaker
    Pasadena, California

  • “Are you struggling? Do you want the life you have always longed for? Then live a life that’s all about Jesus. It’s not about what you want Him to do for you, or even what you think you should do for Him. It’s about the simplicity of knowing Him and being known by Him, heart to heart—nestled in His embrace like the serene calm in the eye of the storm. That’s what I want most out of life. And that’s what I love about this book, clear and simple.”

    Mark Sanford
    Spiritual Director, Elijah House
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  • “Rarely have I read a book that has simultaneously awakened my spirit and challenged my mind in such a synergistic, powerful way as Jesus, Clear and Simple. Dr. Friesen is a brilliant theologian, scholar, and clinician who comes alongside the reader as a newfound friend, illuminating the teachings of Jesus in practical terms, such that all can reach the hem of Jesus’ garment. Through the sharing of solid biblical truth, coupled with personal stories—his own as well as friends and clients in his counseling office—we are invited to expand our understanding at a heart level, of the One we call Master and Lord. Jesus, Clear and Simple is a must read for anyone seeking to grow deeper in their walk with the Savior. ”

    Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC
    Counselor, author, speaker
    Portland, Oregon.

  • “This book is filled with new wine, fresh insight and revelation knowledge. Tender, sensitive, and extremely readable, Jesus, Clear and Simple is a must have. You’ll find encouragement, thought provoking questions, and great insights to The Sermon on the Mount. You will be blessed and enriched by the light of God’s grace and love for his children, which continuously point the way towards redemption. This book powerfully demonstrates the Father’s boundless and endless ways to love us to wholeness. It is loaded with diamonds and gems for comfort, encouragement, and true transformation.”

    Mari Anne Andersen
    Director of Freedom House Ministry
    Chicago, Illinois

  • “It is worth your time to read this book. It will give you insight and understanding on how to achieve and live life abundantly. Dr. Friesen did an excellent job explaining the meaning of certain passages of scripture that have become commonplace. This is a great book and every Christian should read it. ”

    Dr. Henry Malone, President
    Vision Life Ministries 
    Lewisville, Texas

Dr. James G. Friesen

A licensed Psychologist and Minister of the Gospel since 1981, Jim has been steadily working to integrate Psychology and Theology, as an author, a speaker, and as a Christian Psychologist. He has never been satisfied with pat answers. Always seeking deeper understanding, he is doing amazing work as a therapist, and he writes and speaks about the life-giving lessons he has been learning. Read his three ground-breaking books, and listen to him in a seminar setting. Jim has a lot to share.

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