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Jesus, Clear and Simple:
In Times of Struggle, 2016

Get ready to meet Jesus all over again. Jim has specialized in the teachings of Jesus for 35 years, and has found how they all fit together. This book brings historical and textual insights to passages which you have taken for granted for years. Get ready to re-discover passages which will change your life: Jesus’ initial sermon, the Beatitudes, salt and light, “be perfect,” the Lord’s Prayer, the narrow path, the Sermon on the Mount and the greatest commandment. Jim explains exactly how these teachings fit into a well-integrated framework, which includes all of His teachings. As you delve into Jesus’ teachings here, you will be drawn more deeply into His Kingdom. Discussion guides are provided for each chapter, so that you may share the richness of the Master’s message.

Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You

1998 and 2013

Working with his colleagues at Shepherd’s House, Jim was the senior author of this international best-seller. Currently translated into ten languages, with more than 150,000 English copies in print, the 15th Anniversary Study Edition is a widely used resource for study groups. It may be a fairly small book, but it is packed with practical, eye-opening insights about wholeness, maturity, the family of God, and trauma recovery. The passages about “Joy” have become often-quoted classics in Christian communities. People say they go back over certain parts of this book many times.

Uncovering the Mystery of MPD

This best-seller was a pioneering accomplishment, and is still the go-to book for Christian Counselors. The first three chapters in this book set the tone: “Spiritual Warfare,” ”Multiple Personality Disorder”, and “Satanic Ritual Abuse.” It sets forth clear direction for counselors – find healing for wounds, pray for healing, expel evil spirits, seek wholeness, and teach people to employ the family of God according to biblical truths. This is not a theoretical book. Everything in it points toward helping people.

Dr. James G. Friesen

A licensed Psychologist and Minister of the Gospel since 1981, Jim has been steadily working to integrate Psychology and Theology, as an author, a speaker, and as a Christian Counselor. He has never been satisfied with pat answers. Always seeking deeper understanding, he is doing amazing work as a Counselor, and he writes and speaks about the life-giving lessons he has been learning. Read his three ground-breaking books, and listen to him in a seminar setting. Jim has a lot to share.

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